Precio reducido Impresora etiquetas trasnfe. termica bixolon slp - tx400eg

Impresora etiquetas trasnfe. termica bixolon slp - tx400eg


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the slp - tx400 is bixolon’s new direct thermal - thermal transfer label
printer for 4 inch wide printing. this high - quality label printer features fast
print speed up to 178mm - sec(7ips) and high compatibility based on perfect
emulatión support. the slp - tx400 label printer has smart media detectión
functión which automatically recognizes various types of labels when loading

· label printer
· barcode printer
· wifi printer
· aidc printer

powerful printing performance
• paper feeding speed up to 7ips(178mm - sec)
• high data processing speed of various labels including graphic data -
vector font etc. (fast processor 400mhz). unicode supported

smart media detectión
• smart media detectión is the special functión of slp - tx400 to detect
paper type automatically such as gap media - black mark media and short
length media paper. easy operatión by just pushing the feed buttón.

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